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Dec 6, 2013 1:00am EST
nelson mandela. we are looking ahead to induce lucid interview with the irish finance minister as ireland exit its bailout program. jonathan farrow has the details world highly anticipated cup draw in brazil. >> south africans are mourning the death of their first black president nelson mandela while leaders around the world paid tribute to his life. our tv africa anchor as well as ryan chilcote. emotional day for south africans all over the world and we have seen some amazing scenes coming out of south africa. >> firstly, when i heard the 9 p.m. or so,t at i was absolutely shocked. this is something we have been preparing ourselves for because he has been quite ill but it still comes as a shock. it is very emotional and it is a massive loss. of what is going on around his home, people are celebrating his life. it is a big shock. >> you did meet him. >> in 2007 he retired from the public eye. he announced he lost his son to hiv aids. and he is someone who came very and thought against the disease. he was a very humble man, all he was showing signs he was not really well and we spo
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am EST
burden of the costs. >> thank you very much. world mourns nelson mandela. our next guest says the former south african president has left a strong country with a solid foundation. ♪ >> time for company news. acceptingstopped bitcoins. barred institutions for handling transactions of the virtual currency. the website hosting. haier electronics at to the highest level in 14 years and hong kong after alibaba agreed to the company. they make washing machines and distribute home appliances. walt disney's "frozen" was first in america and canadian theatres. 30 $2 million. it takes the number one spot from "the hunger games." welcome to "countdown." i am mark barton. >> i am anna edwards. nationwideans held a celebration for nelson mandela. his body will lie in state in pretoria. our next guest said he left a strong country with a solid foundation and we were dismissed the doomsday. expect little market reaction to the death of nelson mandela. peter joins us now. great to see you. thank you for coming in. give us your analysis as the globe to some extent mourns the loss of nelson mande
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am EST
the heads of state and dignitaries due to visit the memorial service of nelson mandela today. many are comparing it to the funeral of jfk back in the early 60's. >> this is one of the biggest gatherings of world leaders. we have not seen something like --s sincerely 1960s something like this since the early 1960s. royalty from around the world, and about 75 people. what is fascinating is the true message of reconciliation that he always talked about. people that will be talking will be president barack obama, and cuban president ronald castro, and the rainy president roos on -- hassan rouhani will be present. hopefully this will be a time where people can reconcile. >> as is often the case, it is the absentees that are just as notable. >> we fax it got most of the countries that have been represented across the world. syria is not going to be attending. we know that some countries have not even come out with any kind of show of gratitude or grievance at all. this is going to be interesting to see how it plays out in the rest of the day. what is fascinating is that cleat -- queen elizab
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3